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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an independent agent instead of just getting an online quote?

We know you want something quickly, but choosing speed and convenience over a quality quote can mean you wind up with coverage you don’t need, a higher cost than you need to be paying, and gaps where there shouldn’t be any. As independent agents, we’re not your insurance salesmen, we’re your advocates. We’re not trying to push you in a certain direction, and we’re not limited to just one company’s product. It may be cliche, but we’ll treat you like family. We’ll let you know what you’re paying for and why, we’ll let you know when we think you should get or drop something, and we can find something that fits your budget, not something that fits our profit margins.  We’re on your team.

Why is my auto insurance rate increasing?

The most common reason for increased rates is distracted driving. Accidents are more common than ever in America because of people texting, which is the reason for 1 of 4 accidents. Your auto carrier may have increased your rate because of a higher likelihood of accidents in your area.

A second leading reason is the cost of car parts. As cars become “smarter,” the cost to replace parts becomes much more expensive as well. Carriers may increase your rate because of a rarity or cost of parts in the car you drive.

The third highest reason is the increasing cost of bodily injury. As accidents increase, the amount of money and likelihood for an insurance company to pay lengthy medical costs increase.

Why is my house insured for more than it's worth?

The main reason is the difference between market value and replacement cost. The market value of your home has to do with landscape, school district, age of the house, and more: it’s the amount your house would sell on the open market.

However, were your house to be destroyed, the replacement cost would also cover the cost of labor to rebuild, permits, debris removal, and contractor fees. Allegiance doesn’t want you to lose your home, have its cost covered, and then have you slapped with $150,000 in contractor and building fees.

What is umbrella insurance?

Simply put, it’s an extension of your liability insurance. For example, it can drastically increase the limits of medical costs from an auto accident (a regular policy may not cover the cost of a surgery related to an accident, but an umbrella policy can increase those limits). Umbrella policies are generally inexpensive, but can cover anything that may be left behind in a regular policy. Most often, an umbrella policy can help cover legal fees in a lawsuit that a regular policy would not (e.g. if you’re more likely for injuries on your property, such as if you own a trampoline, pool, or an aggressive dog).

Is homeowner's insurance required?

States don’t always require homeowner’s insurance, but almost all mortgage lenders and banks do require a policy. Even if you buy the house outright, it’s still a good idea to get a policy so that you don’t wind up losing a major investment in an accident. If it’s a vacation home or small cabin that you were able to purchase outright, talk with us so that we can adjust the coverages and cost to what fits your situation (don’t pay the cost of an all-year home for a two-weeks-a-year cabin!).

How do I pay my bill?

To pay your bill, navigate to our Payments & Claims page, and locate your insurer (e.g. I have a home policy through Progressive).

I’m thinking about about filing a claim. What do I do?

The first step should be calling your agent, who can talk with you about the situation, and help you from there with what you’re covered for, who to talk to next, and how to keep track of the process from there.

If you know you're ready to file a claim, head to our Payments & Claims page, locate the carrier, and either call the number or go to their website to begin the claim. 


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