5 Things to Avoid After a Car Accident

An automobile accident can leave you confused, upset, or even injured. It’s not surprising that many people make decisions in the aftermath of an accident that can affect their driving record or auto insurance. Below are some of the most common post-accident mistakes so you can avoid them.

5 Common Mistakes People Make After Auto Accidents

1. Not Calling the Police

When called, the police will file a report based on your accident. Many insurance carriers will not approve claims for damages or medical care without this report. Officers can also diffuse heated situations, provide basic first-aid, and assist in calling and clearing the way for medical responders.

2. Admitting Fault

Never make a statement either to the police or to the other driver that you were at fault in the accident. Even if it seems obvious that you were the cause, let the police and your auto insurance company come to their own conclusions. Simply explain what happened—honestly, of course—without accepting any fault. The law, the officer’s findings, and the insurer’s decision may surprise you.

3. Not Documenting the Incident

Auto insurance in Burr Ridge, ILAfter an accident, spend the time waiting for police to arrive to take photos of damages. Photograph both cars, tire marks, street signs, and blind spots to document the incident fully. If other drivers stop, ask them if they would be willing to act as witnesses to the event.

4. Leaving the Scene

Never leave the scene of an accident until the police have arrived, reports have been written, and the situation has been resolved. You may wish to go home and relax, but you could be blamed for the incident if you don’t stay. Remain at the scene until the officer says it is okay to go home.

5. Not Contacting Your Insurer

Always contact your insurer, even if you were not at fault in the incident. Failure to do so may permit them to legally deny your claim if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. The best practice is to contact your auto insurance agent immediately for guidance.

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  1. That’s good to know that your claim might be denied if you don’t contact the insurance company right away. It would be pretty hard to be able to pay for a new car if I didn’t get help form issuance, so I’m glad you mentioned that. I’ll have to remember to call the instance company right away if I ever get in a crash.


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