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We're not insurance bots, we're people: and that means we care.

Why we support

Allegiance believes that it's important to give back to the community you live and work in. We're not just insurance robots who try to make money, we're people who live in and care about our community. Because of this, we choose to support local causes and charities with our time and money.

Who we support

In the past, Allegiance has supported charities that support wounded veterans, 5k walks and marathons that fund cancer research, and locally we have participated in partnerships with organizations that help feed the homeless and give coats to the cold.  

Our Current Campaign

Allegiance is constantly finding ways to be active in the community. Do you have something you'd like to work with us on? Feel free to contact us. See what we're up to by receiving our newsletter! 

Join us in caring for man's best friends

Allegiance has decided to team up with P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park, a local animal shelter. Everyone here at Allegiance loves animals, and many of us have been caring for ours for years. Because we encourage giving back to the community, we encourage the animal lovers that we serve in the Chicagoland area to consider getting their pets from a shelter and give them a home. If you're not looking for a pet, consider making a donation in Allegiance's name.

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