Reduce the headache in paying your bill

Don’t let bill paying drive you crazy!

Nobody finds joy in paying bills, especially not the really boring ones like car payments, banking fees, or insurance. This joyless activity can suck time out of your day as you sit and manage your bill calendar, remember what dates you have to pay, and call different service providers to make sure your payment is processed.

However, the 21st century has added many improvements to the bill payment system. With different online options and easy tracking features, you no longer have to sit on the couch laying out tightly-knit schedules and writing checks. Here are a few options that you have to make bill payments much easier.


  • Online Payment
    Don’t worry about business hours, having the right phone number, or reading off number after number. Almost all insurance companies have online payment portals where you can input your policy number, payment information, and pay your bill without having to pick up the phone. Not only do these portals create an easy way to pay your bill, but you can also always see invoices, receipts, and payment history. This makes bill payments efficient, easy to track, and quick.
  • Automatic Monthly Payments
    Is your bill at the same time of the month, for the same amount, every month? Setup automatic payments! Nothing feels worse than accidentally missing your payment due date, so make sure it’s not your responsibility to remember it! Almost all insurance companies have an option for you to set up automatic monthly payments, where you can specify what day you’d like the charge to go through, what amount, and what billing option you’d prefer (directly from your bank account, or through a card). Remove the worry of bills from your mind by making sure your bill is automatically charged.
  • Through Your Phone
    The modern smartphone is nearly 100x more powerful than the first computer, and nowadays, it can do just about anything you’d like it to! One thing that many people take advantage of is managing their insurance through their insurance company’s app. This way you can see your insurance policy, ID cards, payment history, and current balance all in the palm of your hand. Check your phone’s app store today to see if your insurance company has something for you to download!


Hopefully using these payment options will reduce the time you spend every month worrying about bills. To find the online portal for your insurance carrier, you can visit our Payments & Claims page. Once you get your carrier’s online portal, make sure to bookmark it in your browser so that its’ easy to find!

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