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Motorcycles have become gradually specialized as they rise in popularity. Depending on the type of motorcycle you ride, it's important to find the right coverage. Custom equipment, the rarity of the vehicle, its use — these all make a difference in your policy. We have the ability to shop around with numerous insurance companies to find the best policy that suits you.

Explore more about motorcycle insurance by reading about the various kinds of coverage below.

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What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is very similar to auto insurance, covering the vehicle, the driver, and any property damaged in the event of a crash. Policies can be different, and often less expensive than an auto policy based on how frequently you drive it, and what it's purpose is (there are different risks with a Harley Davidson compared to a family dirtbike).

What kinds are there?

Policies for driving a motorcycle vary based on how the bike is used. An expensive, custom built Harley used for cross-country excursions will need more coverage and be far more expensive than a policy for a dirtbike used twice a year in the woods. At Allegiance, we'll help you find the policy that fits exactly what your bike is being used for so you're not paying for unnecessary coverage.

What comes with a motorcycle insurance policy?

Liability Coverage

This form of coverage is standard with any policy, and covers damage to yourself and others in the event of a crash.

Medical Payments Coverage

Provides coverage for any medical costs needed by the insured in the case of an accident. 

Physical Damage Coverage

This coverage helps with the costs of repairing the bike. Talk with your agent to determine whether you will be using actual cash value, stated, or agreed value for a settlement.

You can also add these coverages to your policy.


Roadside Assistance

Many forms of policies also include roadside assistance. Feel free to explore the country with the knowledge that if you break down, your coverage can handle immediate repairs and lodging in the meantime.


OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and helps cover the cost of replacing original or old parts. Rather than just getting what's available, this coverage will make sure you wind up with the same parts you originally had.


Carried Contents

Motorcycle insurance differs from auto in that you can cover the items that you carry with you. If you are traveling with hunting, touring or camping gear, you can cover the cost of their loss with a policy that includes this.


Total Loss Coverage

This coverage pays the MSRP value of a bike if it is damaged beyond repair or stolen. Talk with an agent to see how this interacts with agreed value.


Accessory Coverage

Usually included, this would cover accessories not original to the bike, including electronics, sidecars, or trailers. Talk with your agent about what accessories you have on your bike (this is different from safety gear on your motorcycle).


Trip interruption coverage

This coverage pays for lodging, food, and alternate transportation should your bike to break down while out on the road. 

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The last thing you want while taking a tour of the country is to break-down and be stuck for days. Talk with Allegiance to ensure that whatever adventuring you plan to do on your bike, be it cross-country or through the backwoods, you never need to worry about the future.

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