Four Need-To-Knows When Looking for Health Insurance

What You Should Know When Buying Health Insurance

1. No Penalty for Non-coverage

Originally, residents who failed to purchase coverage faced a tax penalty under the ACA. For 2019, Congress has rescinded this penalty. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to have health insurance to protect yourself and your family against unexpected illness or injury and to comply with the law.

2. Financial Assistance

If you purchase coverage through the state insurance marketplace, you may be eligible for financial assistance, depending on factors like income and family needs. The Act provides for two types of subsidies: 1) A tax credit that lowers your monthly payment and 2) cost-sharing reductions, which limit the amount you pay out of pocket for a deductible, coinsurance, and co-pays. You may qualify for one or both.

3. Open Enrollment Period Is Limited

If you intend to buy health insurance through your state marketplace, the open enrollment period is limited. If you fail to purchase coverage between November 1, 2018, and December 15, 2018, you can apply for a special enrollment period. If you do not qualify, you can purchase coverage through a private insurer — but without the subsidy.

4. Preexisting Conditions

In the past, applicants could be rejected for coverage — or their claims denied — if they had a preexisting condition. This made it difficult for many people to buy the coverage they needed. However, today you cannot be denied coverage due to a preexisting condition like diabetes, lupus, cancer, or pregnancy.

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