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Some items are more than just "things."

Everyone has a few items that are worth more than just the item itself. A guitarist's guitar is more than just strings and wood, it's their hobby. The antique radio that your grandfather and you listened to baseball games on growing up is worth more than the price of the radio. If you have special items like musical instruments, antiques, or collections that you want to make sure are made safe, talk with Allegiance about a Valuable Item policy.

Learn more about what items are included and how a Valuable Item policy works below.

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Item Insurance

What is valuable item insurance?

This is insurance for a specific item that you own, such as a musical instrument (Taylor Guitar, Grand Piano) or a piece of Jewelry. If you're worried about this item being damaged, stolen, or lost, you can set up a specific policy to give you peace of mind.

Do household items apply?

Most items can be covered under a homeowner's policy. Your TV, appliances, furniture, and light furnishings would all be covered under home. Talk with us to see whether your item can be added to your home policy, or if you need a specific policy.

What do I need to know before I get this insurance?

Get the item appraised

For some items, getting an agreed value for an item will help cover the whole cost (a customized guitar rather than just an out-of-the-box model). 

Can it be replaced?

A guitar or ring can be replaced if you can find the original parts. If you have an irreplaceable item such as antiques, then the insurance will pay the agreed value back.

What kind of items can Allegiance write a policy for?

  • Jewelry

  • Fine Art

  • Furs

  • Computers

  • Cameras

  • Guns

  • Stamp Collection

  • Comic Collection

  • Antique Sports Equipment

  • Antique China

  • Vintage Electronics

  • Musical Instruments

  • Miscellaneous

A good life is going to
have some souvenirs.

All of us have hobbies that require some tools, or an item that has strong memories attached to it. A wedding ring, your grandmother's grand piano, an antique radio from your great-grandparent's basement. These items mean more than just the average item in your home. To make sure that you keep them protected, talk with Allegiance.

Whether it's for a hobby, a family heirloom, or just something that brings you joy, make sure it's never lost.

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